It’s been a very long time since I wrote anything, so I thought I should check in. This is what happen when you have a a big stroke. I went from hospital to hospital for weeks, until April that’s when I landed at Avante Rehab Center in Chicago. It’s an excellent facility with a fine staff but I miss my independence. The stroke largely crippled my left leg and damaged my left arm, which is why I am in intensive therapy.

I am told I will walk again but it still will take a lot of work.

It may sound sadistic but I really enjoy therapy. I like to move my Limbs, and they have excellent equipment. I look forward to it every day.

My sister and nephew visiting me at one of my hospitals

Therapy has enabled me to stand again and I’ve already taken a few steps. It felt great!

Another form of therapy I enjoy is speech therapy. My speech was not affected by the stroke but my memory and recall were. You have helped me greatly. There are even speech therapy games I’ve put on my iPad.

Avanti is not my permanent home but I’m glad to be here while I need it. I hope to return to posting more frequently because I miss it. I think those of you who checked in and I appreciate it. I appreciate all of you. This one will be short when I look forward to talking with you again. As always I appreciate comments and questions. God bless!